Best of Both Worlds

When members of an improv troupe get to know each other and anticipate each others’ actions on stage, it’s called “group mind.” At the Gatlinburg Improv Fest, each participating troupe got a chance to show how well its members work with each other. It’s a tremendous pleasure to put on a good show in front of improvisers from other troupes at the festival.

The other great joy of performing in the Gatlinburg Improv Fest is the challenge of improvising with people from the other troupes. Organizer James Newport saved time at the end of some shows for a set by a mix of performers. I was in the open mix at the end of the 6:00 p.m. show on Saturday and in an all-play jam after the 10:00 p.m. show.

In the open mix, I got to play with members of Shenanigans and Obv-Prov. The former is a student group from Lee University. The latter group is made up of Shenanigans alumni.

The late-night jam had members from all the groups. One of the photos below captures a moment when most of the people on stage were from Einstein Simplified and the Nashville Improv Company.


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