That Dern Cat

Two things struck me in the credits of the Oscar-nominated film Nebraska. Both sent me to the Internet to look them up.

One was the job title factotum. Apparently, it’s a fancy word for gofer. Wikipedia says it’s “a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities.” I wonder if we have one of those where I work. Oh wait…

The other unusual thing in the credits was Dead Aunt Thelma’s Recording Studio. Their website doesn’t say why the studio is named after Aunt Thelma, just that she would be proud of it.

My wife and I also searched IMDB to be reminded where we had previously seen some of the supporting cast. Rance Howard is the father of Ron and Clint Howard. Franklin Jones appeared on The Joe Schmo Show in 2003. They both played brothers of Bruce Dern’s character.

June Squibb gets most of the best lines in Nebraska. I know I’ve seen several of her movies but this was the first time I took notice.

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