Tale of Wogan

WATE sports director Jim Wogan will take a new job as director of communications for the Diocese of Knoxville on July 1. The Diocese emailed me the official press release today. I was unsure what the news meant for Bill Brewer, the director of the media office for the Diocese, so I asked assistant editor Dan McWilliams. I was pleased to get a reply that Wogan’s job is different from Brewer’s.

Jim is well-suited for his new job. He used to co-host a Catholic podcast with Fr. Christian Mathis. When I saw Jim at an American Cancer Society luncheon two weeks ago, I had no idea he was already considering a move from TV to the chancery. I joked that I edged him out for the gig as emcee of the Eucharistic Congress last September. Bill Brewer booked me for the gig. There’s no way Wogan could have gotten a Saturday off during football season.

During the snow storm last week, Jim did a funny report from the WATE parking lot. Here he is with another of my favorite local Catholics, Kristin Farley.

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  1. Keith Ely says:

    Looks like that was something he had to “get out of his system”. It’s fun when News People/Reprters can play around and make fun of each other like this. Good luck to Jim in his new job.

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