The MP3 players at Koko FitClub are loaded with a variety of 15-minute cardio workouts. Chief Fitness Officer Michael Wood does the workout on a treadmill in his office while telling members like me how fast to walk and how steep an incline to use.

I listened to a file named “Devil’s Den” the other day. I hoped Michael might describe a hike through Gettysburg National Military Park but it was a hike to a Devil’s Den Preserve in Connecticut. He said he could see Keith Richards’ house from the hike. Coincidentally, one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs is “Sympathy for the Devil.”

On Thursday night I chose to listen to a file named “Mount Agamenticus”. Michael Wood talked about the views from the mountain, which is in Maine. It used to be the site of a ski resort.

In 1960 planning and construction for a ski area on Mt. A began. “The Big A” opened in December of 1964 and stayed in business for 9 years. Warm, saltwater winds from the Atlantic coupled with two low snow fall winters, hampered business and forced “The Big A” to shut down. Though the ski area had a short life, its impacts on the local landscape will be apparent for many years. Current trails, Goosefoot, Sweet Fern, Vulture’s view and parts of Witch Hazel, were all former ski trails.
A great deal of equipment was left behind including remnants of the “T bar” at both the top and bottom of Witch Hazel and various lift equipment and foundations at the base of the mountain, where Goosefoot, Cedar and Chick’s Brook intersect.

In the MP3, Michael described an abandoned piece of equipment. He said that he posted a photo of it on Twitter. I looked it up when I got home and found the tweet.

I sent Michael a tweet telling him that I had found his photo. I was happy and impressed when he wrote back.

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