Kiner’s Kudos

It’s been a joy to read articles about Ralph Kiner, who died Thursday. He was one-third of the New York Mets broadcast team that I loved watching as a kid. The other two announcers were Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson, for whom the baseball stadium at the University of Tennessee is named.

The remembrances of Ralph do mention the knowledge he brought to the broadcasts and the funny mistakes he would make. I knew he had played for the Pirates but I didn’t realize that he was one of the best hitters of his time. I also didn’t know that he dated famous actresses. One of the best articles suggested that the Mets should erect a statue of Kiner, Nelson and Murphy together. What a great idea!

In addition to calling the games, Kiner hosted the post-game interview show, Kiner’s Korner. I watched it often and I can specifically recall watching Kiner’s Korner one time on a portable TV that my dad had carried out to our front porch on a warm summer evening. I found a video on YouTube of the opening of a Mets game broadcast. It brought back a ton of memories for me.

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