Foodball Time

Super Bowl Sunday ranks right behind Thanksgiving as an eating holiday in America. Later today, my wife and I are going to a party at Second Harvest Food Bank that will feature a taco bar, a pizza bar, a wings bar and a dessert bar.

Yesterday, I spotted some nice-looking Super Bowl cakes and cupcakes at Sam’s Club. Some had the Super Bowl logo, while others were decorated with icing that matched the teams’ colors.


The indecipherable Florian Bellanger would gripe about the plastic decorations, but I would happily scarf down one of the orange, blue or green frosted treats. In fact, I may be able to do so. One of the managers at Sam’s Club told me that the folks from Second Harvest had been in to do some shopping for their party. He didn’t know what they bought. I do know that the entrees will be donated by area restaurants but the dessert bar will be provided by Second Harvest employees.

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