On Facebook’s tenth anniversary, comedian Nate Cate posted a status update that rang true with me. He wrote: “Twitter gives me a virtual paycheck of self worth, Facebook gives me junk mail. yet i keep coming back. dunno why…”

If Nate has posted that to Twitter, I could have embedded the tweet here for all to see. To see Nate’s Facebook post, you either have to be friends with his personal page or have clicked Like on his professional page. Even then, there is about a 90% chance that you wouldn’t see his post.

Facebook keeps making it harder and harder for page administrators to reach their fans. They want page owners to pay to boost their posts. If you don’t pay Facebook, they only show your posts to about 10% of your fans. That number can increase if the fans who do see it like it, share it or comment on it. Of course, Facebook is a free service. No one is forcing page owners to boost their posts. I suppose that at some point in the future, Facebook will become obsolete, like MySpace.

For at least two years I’ve been using Facebook to invite friends to the weekly Einstein Simplified shows. I think that people get so many Facebook invitations that they don’t pay attention to any of them. I’ve spoken with friends in real life who had no idea that I had been sending them invitations to the show. I’m guilty of it too. I don’t always feel like sorting through requests to play Facebook games to find event invitations.


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