Dried and True

For the longest time, the names of all my favorite fruits started with the letter P. I still love pomegranates, pineapples and peaches, however the first time I tasted a fresh fig, I had a new number one favorite fruit.

My current obsession with figs has led me to “like” the Facebook page for Valley Fig Growers and to follow them on Twitter. Their website indicates that several local supermarkets carry dried figs, although I have not seen them at the stores nearest my house.

The other day, my wife was shopping at Turkey Creek, a development about 15 miles west of downtown Knoxville. I asked her to stop by Publix and look for dried figs. I had purchased fresh figs there in September. Before long, two photos showed up on my phone with the texts “Mission or Golden or both?” and “Or Greek?” I replied “both” to the first message and “not Greek” to the second.


The dried Kalamata figs I ate on Christmas Eve were too dry and too chewy, compared to the very nice Mission figs I bought after Christmas. When my wife gave me the choice between more Mission or more Kalamata, the decision was easy.

I opened both packages on Sunday and placed most of the dried figs in mason jars with tart cherry juice. Naturally, I tasted one of each straight out of the package too. I may have a new favorite dried fig. The Golden figs are fantastic. I’m anxious to know how they taste after a few days in the juice.

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