Disbelief of Suspension

An acquaintance of my changed jobs recently. She used her new work email address to sign up for a new Twitter account. It was not her first time. She has a personal Twitter account and used to post tweets on behalf of her old job. Because she already knew the ropes, she was ready to quickly build up her list of followers and followees  on the new account.

This afternoon, I noticed that her new account was missing from my lists of followers and followees. I typed her Twitter handle in the search bar and got a surprising result: “Sorry, that user is suspended.”

I sent a direct message to her husband: “Why does Twitter say your wife’s account is suspended?” Neither he nor she knew about the suspension.

She investigated and found out that Twitter suspended her for stalking. “Stalking whom?” I asked. Her husband replied that she was following too many people too fast and that she “sent something to Twitter.”

I replied, “I hope it was a photo of her making crazy stalker eyes at them.” He then wrote, “Does she have any other face?”

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