Twitter and Glitter

Awards shows, such as the Grammys, are perfect for live-tweeting. During the three-hour-and-forty-five-minute broadcast, I wrote almost 40 tweets about the show, which is nothing compared to many of my friends.

One of my tweets that got the most reaction was this one that several of my West Coast followers retweeted:

I had to remind a few people that there is no “the” in Smokey Bear’s name. Smokey got a lot of Twitter love because Grammy winner Pharrell Williams wore a hat like Smokey’s.

Smokey replied:

Not every joke worked. Nobody picked up on the fact that I tweeted a link to a certain Dr. Oz article during Ringo Starr’s performance.

My fondness for Pink was marked as a favorite by several people:

Many people think Pink lip-syncs. I don’t, which is why I wrote:

Twitter will be even busier during the Academy Awards, since the telecast is shown live in all time zones. I’ll be ready.

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