Sweet Tart

There were several recipes on the back of a package of Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice dried mission figs that I bought last month while visiting my son in Maryland. It’s easier to find dried figs in the DC area than in Knoxville.

A few Sundays ago, I coarsely chopped a few dried figs and mixed them with peanut butter, as suggested on the package. The result was okay. I should have soaked the figs in juice first.

Dried figs are much better after absorbing liquid. I put most of the remaining mission figs in a mason jar with apple cider, like I had with some Kalamata figs. I soaked the last few in tart cherry juice, as an experiment.

In hindsight, I should have done the opposite. The sweetness of the figs is a perfect complement to the tartness of the cherry juice. I enjoyed drinking the juice after eating the figs.

The mission figs that are soaking in cider taste fine, however the apple cider has gotten much darker and sweeter. I will try mixing the cider with tart cherry juice before drinking it.

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