Snow More Drama

A nice lady suggested that I leave my car in her yard tonight. I had been spinning my wheels on the street in front of her house for several minutes as she shoveled snow off her driveway.

My whole day felt weird. Normally, I would make coffee, eat breakfast and go to work. Many days, like yesterday, I pack a change of clothes for whatever I need to do after work. Last night, I emceed “Dinner with the Bone Doctor.” Tonight I was supposed to go to a meeting of the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association.

My day started with a 9:00 a.m. meeting at the office of a potential advertiser. Instead of a regular breakfast, I ate a banana and an energy bar in the car on my way to the meeting. My plan was to go from there to my haircut appointment, stopping for coffee along the way. After the haircut, I would come home, change clothes, pack my lunch and head to work.

The meeting went very well and ended much earlier than I anticipated. The account executive who was with me knows that once you have the sale, stop selling. With the extra time, I estimated that I could swing by the office for forty-five minutes.

It started snowing steadily during the time I was in the office. Soon, my hair stylist asked if I would reschedule the appointment. Then, the FBI’s Community Outreach Specialist canceled the meeting. I realized there was no point in driving home to get my lunch. As everyone except the on-air staff left work, the general manager told me grab one of the emergency meals in the storage closet. I chose chicken teriyaki.

During my on-air shift I received an entertaining tweet from Whitney Kent of WVLT-TV. She was making a snow angel as she listened to my show.

I cleared the snow off my car and attempted to take a selfie photo of the snow on my hair. It’s harder than I thought. In most of the shots, I failed to even get my hair in the frame.

The main roads were fine when I drove home. However the roads in my neighborhood were too slick for my car. I couldn’t get it to go up the hill, which is why I left it in the nice lady’s yard and hiked the half-mile up the hill to my house. As I walked, I thought about using the experience in a commercial for Koko FitClub.

When I got home, I put on my fancy thermal underwear. I wish I had been wearing it all day. My khaki slacks are not meant for a walk outside when it’s 18° and snowing.

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