Sage of Fire

At first, it seemed like there was no way to light the candles on my son’s birthday cake. Fortunately, my kids used a bit of ingenuity when they realized that my son had no matches or lighters in his apartment.

My daughter looked for a pilot light to no avail. All his appliances are electric. Then my son suggested they use his flint and steel.

When he called to tell me the story today, I laughed and said, “There is so much [stuff] still in your bedroom here, it looks like you never moved. What made you think to take your flint and steel?”

“It’s one of the ten essentials,” he said.

They put a piece of paper towel and some dryer lint in a metal pan. They made enough sparks to ignite the lint and then light the candles. During this whole process, my daughter and the other guests kept the cake hidden from my son.

Before driving to the party, my daughter emailed me a picture of the cake that she had decorated with Mini M&Ms. She wrote, “Glad that I had enough green M&Ms. I don’t think Mars thought about decorating a Zelda cake when they came up with the Mini M&M color distribution.”

The image on the cake is an 8-bit version of Link, my son’s favorite video game character.

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