Rum and Tell That

Two of my fellow-fig-fan friends told me this week that they like my fig-based blog posts. In my reply to one of them, I promised that I would write a follow up to Tuesday’s post about the Kalamata figs I have soaking in two mason jars.

This morning I noticed that the apple cider in the jar had gotten considerably darker and that the level of the liquid had dropped. The figs had absorbed a lot of the fluid but had also flavored the cider. I poured the juice into a glass and drank it. The flavor was extremely sweet. In hindsight, I should have added some apple cider to achieve the perfect level of sweetness. I refilled the jar with fresh apple cider after plucking out a fig or two to eat with my breakfast.

The rum in the other jar is starting to get darker too. When I got home from Market Square on New Year’s Eve, I opened the jar to remove a celebratory fig. I could immediately tell that the 80 proof rum is a lot stronger than the 54 proof Rock & Rye I occasionally sip. I decided to put the fig and a spoonful of “syrup”  atop a scoop of egg-nog-flavored frozen yogurt that I had in the freezer. The flavor combination worked well and it didn’t feel like I was doing shots of rum. My wife suggested that next time I could put the same ingredients into the blender to make an enjoyable smoothie.

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