Peabrain Peabody

A TV commercial for Mr. Peabody & Sherman disappointed me. The ad included two butt jokes, easily the lowest rung of the comedy ladder. After all, everyone poops.

In one attempt at humor, Sherman’s reaction to seeing King Tut is “his name rhymes with butt!” In the other, they get propelled out the rear of the sphinx and Peabody comments that they are the butt of the joke.

I watched a couple of the original cartoons on YouTube. The comedy was more madcap. For example, they deliberately mixed in anachronisms such as automobiles and traffic lights in Beethoven’s time.

I wish the creators of the new movie had left Peabody’s Improbable History alone and made up their own characters. There’s no need to drag Sherman and Peabody into the comedy abyss.

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