Living Off the Wahl

In hindsight, the reason I couldn’t find Wahl Total Care in the store seems obvious. At the time, it seemed only inconvenient.

I purchased a can of the clipper lubricant at Walmart a couple of years ago to clean my electric beard trimmer. When the can started to run dry late last summer, I tried looking for a replacement each time I visited a Walmart. When I couldn’t find it, I thought they must have stopped carrying the product.

I looked online to see what other local stores might sell Total Care. One of the top search results was for I bought a can online on October 5 and started using it when it arrived a few days later.

The Product Safety Team sent me an email in December. The subject line was “Attention: Important Product Safety Notification Regarding Your Order.”

Greetings from

We have learned of a potential safety issue regarding certain product(s) that our records indicate you purchased through the website:

Wahl 3772 Total Clipper Care

More details, including what you should do and where you can seek assistance, can be found in the following notification:

If you purchased this item for someone else, please notify the recipient immediately and provide them with the information concerning these issues.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you but trust you will understand that the safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

Thanks for shopping at


Customer Service

For a number of reasons, I didn’t get around to looking into the recall until recently. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website: “Vapors from the propellant in the Total Care product can ignite upon contact with hair clippers, posing a burn hazard to consumers.”

Another CPSC site has one of the complaints about Total Care. A customer finished trimming his chest hair on April 5 at 1:40 a.m. and then used the spray to clean his clippers. When the device caught fire, he dropped it into a trash can. His mother and brother were able to help him extinguish the fire.

The instructions do tell you to spray the solution on the blades while the clipper is turned on. There’s a warning that the contents are under pressure and that the product is flammable. A bit lower on the label, the ingredients are listed: SD Alcohol denat., Isobutane, Propane, Water, Triethylene Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ammonium Benzoate, Fragrance.

I normally clean my clippers before using them, rather than after. I know I will avoid spraying the solution on an electrical appliance that is plugged in.

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