How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys?

A friend of mine is friends with a respected actor. A couple of months ago, my friend told me that her friend was raving about Matthew McConaughey’s performance in an upcoming film. I’m sure she told me what it was but I couldn’t remember the title.

A quick glance at McConaughey’s IMDB page made me wonder if the film was The Wolf of Wall Street. I also noticed a new HBO show called True Detective, which I set my DVR to record, just in case. The next listing down was for Dallas Buyers Club.

I read a few things about Dallas Buyers Club and realized that it had to be the movie my friend and her friend urged me to see. My wife and I went to see it this afternoon, at a showing that would get us home in time to watch the Golden Globe Awards.

The Golden Globes are not my favorite award show. The winners are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I prefer the SAG Awards and the Oscars, which are chosen by other actors. However, I can’t argue with the HFPA’s choice to give Golden Globes to Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto as best actor and best supporting actor in a drama.

McConaughey and Leto both give amazing performances as AIDS patients who team up to smuggle unapproved drugs into the country. The got around the law for a while by selling memberships in a club and giving the drugs to the members for free.

During the movie, my wife and I both thought about a friend who died of AIDS and about a relative who tried to get hold of experimental drugs before succumbing to cancer. I also thought that the actors are likely to win even more awards in the coming months.

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