Florian Plan

Florian Bellanger has confounded me for years. I can only truly understand him when Food Network captions his speech. He is, however, the reason that I solved a family mystery.

At the beginning of each episode of Cupcake Wars, Belanger is introduced as the “former executive pastry chef at the world-renowned Fauchon” and the owner of MadMac Macarons. I assumed that the host was trying to say macaroon with a French accent.

In North America, the best known macaroon is a coconut cookie. My wife’s family has made meringue cookies at Christmas time that their elder relatives called macaroons. She and I decided to call them meringaroons.

Something prompted me to look up macarons this year. That’s when I learned that macarons are a real thing and that they are meringue cookies. For all these years, my wife’s family has been making macarons and didn’t know it. Maybe next year we can do like they do at MadMac and sandwich buttercream between two macarons.


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