Dr. D.P. Lyle and Jan Burke have a twice-monthly Internet radio show called Crime and Science Radio. On today’s episode, they interviewed the writing team of Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass.

I started listening to their hour-long podcast as I typed this. Dr. Bass opened with the story about cattle rustlers in Kansas that gave him the idea to compare and contrast the rate of decay among cow carcasses. He continued to explain the need to study human decomposition when he got to Tennessee and was named the state’s official forensic anthropologist. Jon Jefferson pointed out that people in Knoxville are now proud of the Body Farm, unlike its early days when protesters formed a group called SICK (Solutions to Issues of Concern to Knoxvillians).

After the introductory stories, the hosts showed their scientific knowledge by asking some detailed questions about things such as microbial bacteria. It’s a good show and worth a listen, even for those of us who are familiar with many of the details about the Body Farm.

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