Closer to Who?

Sandy Goddard and Tonya Cinnamon both clicked “share” on a photo of Dom Irrera and me that I had posted on Facebook today. When I saw that they had shared the picture, I noticed that Facebook suggested four other pages for me to “like.” The pages were described as “similar to Frank Murphy.” Three of them have a connection to University of Tennessee athletics. The fourth was for interior designer  and “lifestyle expert” Moll Anderson.

It reminded me of something I saw last October. I saved a screen shot of it at the time. I had searched for news about Don Geronimo’s move back to D.C. Off to the side I saw myself under the heading “People also search for.” I clicked through and discovered that “people also search for” William M. Bass, Scott Mason, Hallerin Hilton Hill, Freda Wright-Sorce and Raechel Donohue.

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