Building Character

The disclaimer on the website Redwood’s Medical Edge offers a concise explanation of what the site is about:

The medical information presented on this blog is for writers to use in their works of fiction. If a medical question is submitted, it is assumed that it is for a current work of fiction and not related to an actual person’s medical problem. Consult a licensed physician for specific information, advice and treatment related to a medical condition.

I was unaware that such sites existed. I only discovered it because of an informative guest post about the Body Farm that was published last week. The post was written by Knoxvillian Amory Cannon and includes information such as:

When your character approaches the Body Farm, they’ll notice it’s located in the back of the UT hospital employee parking lot. It’s surrounded by wooden and chain length fences with barbed wire around the top. The area beyond this is hilly and covered with trees.

As a fan of mystery novels, I found the whole concept fascinating. I’ll probably check back again to see what other topics they cover.

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