There Will Be Plenty Implied

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is one of my favorite winter songs. I can’t really call it a Christmas song, even though it only gets airplay between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The problem with “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is that it can sound like the guy is on the verge of assaulting the girl and that he put an illegal substance in her drink.

Last week, my parade co-host, T.K., and I were discussing the tune which led us to look it up online. I didn’t realize that the song won an Oscar. It’s from the movie Neptune’s Daughter starring Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalbán. As you would expect, the famous Latin lover comes on strong but the movie mermaid is never in danger.

The same movie has another version of the song in which comedic actors Red Skelton and Betty Garrett reverse the roles. The funny lady, whom you may remember from Laverne & Shirley or All in the Family, is the predator and the clown-like Skelton is the prey. It’s fun to watch.

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