The Midnight Special

Of all the possible reactions to the sentence, “I’m sorry for setting off your burglar alarm,” I didn’t expect to hear “I’m very proud of you!”

My wife and I joined Koko FitClub at the beginning of November when I started doing endorsement commercials for them. I generally do my workouts in the evenings after my on-air shift.

On Tuesday night, I performed with Einstein Simplified at The Well and then recorded a podcast with the group. I walked over to Koko FitClub, which is in the same shopping center, just before 11:00 p.m. My keycard lets me in until 11:00.

I changed clothes and got started on the treadmill by 11:15. I moved on to the weight machines just after 11:30. I was nearing the end of my workout at midnight when something started beeping. I thought it was an alarm clock at the front desk and I kept exercising. After another minute or so of beeping, most of the lights in the club went out. I still kept exercising.

By 12:05, the phone was ringing. I took a quick break from my workout to answer the phone at the front desk. I guessed that it would be the alarm company. It was. They wanted to know the security password. I explained that I didn’t work there and that I was just a customer. I also told them that I still had one exercise to do (the triceps pull down). They said they would mute the alarm, which they did.

I finished the workout but the alarm started ringing again. I cleaned the equipment with a disinfectant wipe, pulled on some sweatpants and got out of there.

On Thursday, franchise owner Tricia Kilgore attended a client party at the radio station. I said, “I’m sorry for setting off your burglar alarm.” She responded “I’m very proud of you.”

I asked why and she said that when the alarm went off, the security company called her at home. She went to her computer and accessed the video feed from the club’s cameras. She could see that it was me and she told the security company that it was okay. Tricia said she was proud that I have been working out regularly and that I remembered to wipe down the equipment, even while the alarm sounded.

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