At a Christmas Eve party, I served some dried figs, which turned out to be too chewy. That night, after some Internet research, I put the four remaining figs in four different liquids. I intended to eat them twelve hours later but didn’t get to them until last night. They soaked for about 48 hours.

I put the largest fig in bottled water, the two medium figs in orange juice and apple cider, and the smallest fig in apple-pie flavored moonshine. That particular brand of Tennessee moonshine is now sold in every state but Utah.

After I removed the figs from their bags, I poured the liquids into glasses. My son and I tasted the liquids, all of which were made sweeter by being in contact with the figs.

The fig that soaked in bottled water looked like an exhibit from the medical museum I visited last year. The fig that soaked in orange juice looked the juiciest when sliced. The fig that soaked in apple cider tasted the best to me, with the one in orange juice a close second. The fig that soaked in moonshine tasted good too. I imagine that soaking figs in any liquor would create a nice treat for special occasions.


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