Our Daily Fig

There was a package of dried Kalamata figs in my Christmas stocking. It was similar to the package I had served at a party the day before. Thanks to my successful experiment last week, I was inspired try rehydrating them on a larger scale.

First, I made a small slice in each of the dried figs. I thought it would make it easier for the liquid to get in. I put as many of the figs as I could into a small mason jar without forcing them. Then, I filled the remaining space with Zeigler’s Apple Cider. I put the jar in the refrigerator. I ate one with my breakfast yesterday and another one today.

There were still a few figs left, so I put them in another mason jar. I added some leftover Bacardi rum that I found in the cabinet. The rum has been there since my wife made rum cupcakes for my birthday in 2009. I plan on eating one of the rum figs when I get home from my New Year’s Eve gig tonight.

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