Neil Down with It

Ripley is one of the first people I met in Knoxville. In fact, she picked me up at the airport when I moved here to work at the old 100.3.  She was the night jock and music director. She has since moved to Roanoke and worked at a couple of stations there.

Today, her Facebook status said, “How does Santa get ready for Christmas? He listens to Your Pal Ripley on Q99 – WSLQ 99.1!! Tune in now and supercharge your Christmas Spirit!” I started listening just in time to hear her talk up the intro of “White Christmas,” so I sent her a Facebook message to tell her so.

Ripley replied asking if I had any requests. I suggested “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by anybody. She chose the U2 version and mentioned that my wife and I were listening. She also played Barbra Streisand’s version of “Ave Maria.” She knows me well and messaged that she knew I would enjoy it.

As a joke, I replied that she could play a whole hour of religious Christmas music by Jewish artists. Her reply was a simple “LOL” but the next song was by Kenny G, followed by Neil Diamond’s version of “O Holy Night.”

We continued messaging for a while, on the topic of favorite Christmas songs. She indicated that the station gives the deejays enough wiggle room to easily play requests.

At the end of her airshift, Ripley updated her status to read, “My friend Frank Murphy was listening today, and I got to play him some Christmas music in addition to making him laugh with a little inside joke. I totally love my job!!” I clicked “Like” and typed a simple reply: “L’chaim!”

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