Laugh on Glory’s Side

Bob Schriver’s family knew he was in his final hours this past week. My good friend, Fr. Ragan Schriver, told me that his dad had pneumonia. Bob hung on for a few more days and then passed away on Thursday night.

My wife and I always enjoyed visiting with Bob and his wife Julia. We especially loved celebrating Thanksgiving with the Schriver family in 2011.

We most often saw the Schrivers at Catholic Charities functions. Last year at the Emerald O’ccasion dinner, Fr. Ragan made sure that I was seated at his parents’ table when he couldn’t. He had to sit at the head table with some major donors.

In this photo from the 2013 Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk, you can see Bob in his wheelchair. Fr. Ragan and Julia are standing on either side of me.

The day before Bob died, Fr. Ragan sent me a text message. He asked me to ask my wife to find out if the choir could sing a song called “Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)” at the funeral. It’s one that Ragan and his sister used to sing to Bob. The music director at church bought the sheet music and they will try to learn it before the funeral on Monday.

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