Drumming, Piping, Dancing and Singing

The Knoxville Choral Society has a catered meal between Saturday performances of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s Clayton Holiday Concerts. For the past several years, my wife, who is a soprano, has purchased an extra ticket for me to join her for dinner.

This year, I had the opportunity to chat with Maestro Lucas Richman at the dinner. We talked about the video of our recent interview and about his son Max, who has started composing electronic dance music.

After dinner, my wife and I ran into bagpiper John Rose, who is a member of the Knoxville Pipes & Drums. I’ve known John since he played “Rocky Top” as a bit on my first Knoxville radio show in 2002. He took us downstairs to the dressing rooms to meet the rest of the group. Two of them were using some practice pipes to warm up. John joined in on a drum.


While backstage, I saw a few other musicians I know.  I also met a few new ones, including Santa Claus and the lead singer of Four Leaf Peat.  Before I took my seat in the audience, my wife tipped me off to keep an eye on one of the trumpet players during “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” As the artificial snow fell, he popped open an umbrella.

The other stars of the show were the great dancers from GO! Contemporary Dance Works and champion Highland dancer Claire Macmillan. The stage was very full and festive when all the dancers, singers and musicians took their bows.


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