Cupcake Up-Shake

Three of Knoxville’s cupcake shops are making big changes. It looks as if the cupcake fad that started in 2008 is nearing an end.

Scrumps Cupcakes in Fountain City has expanded their product line to include muffins, cookies, caramel apples and cake pops. The store has been running advertising (including on my station) to promote the changes. They are also participating in a “shop local” promotional campaign.

The marquee in front of Cities Cupcake Boutique in Bearden currently reads “Cities Cupcake BTO; Going Out of Biz; Jan 2014.” The other side says “Cities Cupcake BTO; Last Chance; The Best Cupcake in the Universe.”

The Cup is converting its Turkey Creek store into a Buttermilk Sky pie shop. They will now have two pie shops and one cupcake shop instead of the other way around. They are also changing the name of their Bearden store to The Cupcakery of Knoxville, which is similar to what they were called when they first opened.

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