A Regular Frolic Commenced

Matt Foster, who played Drosselmeyer in the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association production of The Nutcracker spotted me during intermission of the Appalachian Ballet Company production of The Nutcracker on Sunday at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium. “Haven’t had enough of The Nutcracker?” he asked.

I responded that The Nutcracker used to be my wife’s thing but I had kind of taken it over when I joined the ORCBA cast two years ago. Buying tickets to see the Appalachian Ballet production was my way to give some of it back to her.

As it turned out, Matt and his wife were in there to see a friend’s daughter, who was dancing the part of the female marionette. My wife and I were there to see a friend’s son, who was dancing the part of the male marionette.

The performance was fantastic. The dancers obviously work very hard to make it look so effortless. Matt commented that Drosselmeyer had a much bigger role in the Appalachian Ballet version. Actor David Dwyer played the magician who gives Clara the title toy.

There were some familiar items for sale at the concession stands. I saw Nutcrackers of all sizes and colors. They also had delicious chocolates from Bradley’s. The thing that caught my eye was the used ballet shoes, autographed by the dancer who played Clara. They were selling for $25 each.

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