The Organ Trail

The City of Knoxville’s Office of Special Events announced its Christmas in the City schedule on Monday. The announcement came during the monthly Mighty Musical Monday lunchtime concert at the Tennessee Theatre. I had an interest because my new station, 93.1 WNOX, will be involved in some of the events.

Before the show, I peeked into the orchestra pit. Several of the performers had already taken their places, waiting for the pit floor to rise. Emcee Alan Williams said hello and made a reference to the costume I wore to the Hearth Scares Ball. Sammy “Barney Fife” Sawyer posed for the camera. He had brought along his neighbor for the Veterans’ Day portion of the program.

A large group of middle-schoolers, The Amherst Singers, under the direction of Edie Yeager and Trey Lindsay, put on an impressive show. The teachers performed too. Ms. Yeager sang beautifully and Mr. Lindsay played a piano medley he arranged.

Four actors from Theatre Knoxville put on a skit that announced the Christmas in the City events. I recognized Freddi Birdwell, development director of Catholic Charities of East Tennessee, as one of the actresses. The four characters had the same names as the main characters in White Christmas.

The show opened and closed with music from the Mighty Wurlitzer organ, played by Bill Snyder and associate organist Freddie Brabson.


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