Aaron Littleton had the idea to start an Einstein Simplified podcast. The first episode was posted online this week.¬†You can find it on the troupe’s website or on iTunes.

The inaugural episode is marked “explicit” because there is some salty language toward the end of the recording. Ironically, the bad words came during a game called “Every Other Other Line,” in which two of the players read from random play scripts while the third tries to justify the surrounding craziness. The explicit language was in one of the scripts.

The first episode is hosted by Aaron, and stars Paul Simmons, Brad Bumgardner and Dave Snow. The plan is to limit the number of participants so that each podcast sounds different and so there aren’t too many voices competing for mic time. The host and participating members will vary each week.

They have already recorded the next two episodes. At first, the recording took place before our weekly stage show at The Well. The group later decided to switch to recording the podcasts after the live show, when everyone is already warmed up.

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