Nut Joker

Most people like to assume that I wear tights or a tutu for my role in The Nutcracker. I’m considered to be one of the character actors, not a dancer. I am dressed in a stage costume, not dancewear. My part is light on dancing but heavy on comedy.

In the two years that I’ve participated with the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association, I’ve been in five shows. In four out of five productions, I played a man. In the Nutcracker shows this past weekend, I had the privilege of playing The Governor for the third time.

I have a great time doing it. Because I’m only on stage for a few minutes, the rehearsal schedule isn’t too taxing. I show up once a week for about a month and then almost every night during tech week. I get dismissed after my scene is over while the real dancers stay to practice for several more hours.

Here are two photos from Saturday night’s show. I’ll post some from Sunday’s show tomorrow.


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