Next Window Please

It is rare that I go to a drive-thru. Usually I prefer to go inside whatever fast-food restaurant or coffee shop I happen to be patronizing.

I didn’t pack a lunch the other day. I figured I could make a quick trip to buy a salad before recording this week’s public affairs interview show. There was rain in the forecast and the sky looked ominous, which prompted me to use the drive-thru to make my purchase.

Before I pulled out of the restaurant’s parking lot, I tried to close my driver side window. It wouldn’t go up all the way. It barely went up halfway.

The man at the repair shop had a pretty good idea what was wrong. Of course, they’d have to take the door apart to be sure. They called me the next day to confirm that the window regulator was broken. He said it was a common problem with my make and model. It would cost $675 to fix. I needed a cheaper alternative. For $100, they could close the window and keep it from ever opening again.

My car is thirteen years old.  Naturally, I chose the $100 option, figuring that I never needed to go to another drive-thru.  That very night, I had to pay for parking at the Civic Auditorium. I had to pantomime to the attendant to get out of the way so I could open my door and hand her $5. I made a mental note to avoid getting pulled over.

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