In Digression

An autobiographical monologue broke out at the Cyndi Lauper concert on Wednesday night. Cyndi took a few long breaks between songs to tell the audience about the inspiration for a lyric (“the second hand unwinds”) or a musical style. I found the stories to be interesting, albeit long.

Cyndi’s voice sounds fantastic. I was amazed by the notes she hit and held on the opening number, “Money Changes Everything.” Because she performed the She’s So Unusual album in order, the second song was her most well-known, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Photography was prohibited during the show. Ushers shined flashlights on audience members who raised their phones to take a picture. In this day and age, such a rule is very hard to enforce. I wonder if Cyndi might have plans to release her own 30th anniversary concert DVD and is trying to cut down on potential bootlegs.

After finishing the album’s songs, Cyndi did a few more including “The Goonies R Good Enough” and “True Colors.”

Here’s an old video of the song that was my favorite tonight:

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