Howard University

Mike Howard is a good guy. I already knew that from crossing paths with him at Side Splitters Comedy Club but he really proved it this week when he delivered my mail.

Like me, Mike changed jobs and call letters but stayed with the same company in the same building. He works for Oak Ridge FM on Kingston Pike. I work for the Journal Broadcast Group on Amherst Road.

When Mike won the Host with the Most competition in 2011, he represented WNOX. He is now the program director of WNFZ and WKVL. At the 2013 competition, I represented WNOX.

Oak Ridge FM sold WNOX to Journal in May. We moved the call letters from 100.3 to 93.1 and launched a Classic Hits format.

As part of my job at the new WNOX, I responded to an offer from a promotion company that provides prizes for on-air giveaway around Christmas. Instead of sending the prizes to the address they had on file for me for the past eight years, they sent the prizes to the address they had on file for WNOX. It’s an understandable mistake. Here’s the email I got from Mike:

Hello Mr. Murphy,

Please don’t be alarmed…but I’m currently in possession of 12 cans (288 total ounces) of Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. Apparently, the individuals sending this treasured Christmastime treat to you are under the assumption that WNOX-FM is still located at 8081 Kingston Pike, Suite 100…THE FOOLS!!! (EVIL LAUGH, RUBS HANDS TOGETHER)

Fear not, for I will take special care of this precious cargo, until you and I can arrange to meet at an agreed time and location to exchange said holiday beverage.

I will not lower myself to ask for any type of “ransom” just meet me in the middle of the newly opened Henley Street Bridge at high noon on Thanksgiving Eve and be sure to bring along an old priest and a young priest to make sure the exchange is “on the level”… and NO COPS!

Seriously though, just got these in the mail today… right after I returned from dropping off your CD, of course. I’ll swing by tomorrow after the show (9:30ish) and drop them off for you. Hope all is well with you and yours and that everything at the station is going great!

Apparently, I received mail at the former WNOX twice. Mike dropped off a CD for me on Tuesday with no fanfare. I offered to drop by his office to get the hot chocolate but brought over to me first. We had a nice chat in the parking lot before he left. When I wrote to the publicist in California about the mailing address mix-up, I shared Mike’s message with him and I commented, “This is why I love Knoxville!”

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