Well Struck, Sir

Excitement over baseball is in the air, or at least it is thick on my social media fans. A lot of my friends are either St. Louis Cardinals fans or Los Angeles Dodgers fans. There are some Detroit Tigers fans in the mix too.

I fell asleep before the end of Friday night’s 13-inning game. On Saturday, my wife did a great job of explaining Carlos Beltran’s impressive throw from right field to home plate. As they said on ESPN, Beltran could do it all.

Amidst all the tweets about the playoffs, I got a message from the Knoxville Holstons, a 2014 expansion team for the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball. Their website explains that “Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball League teams play by 1860s rules and customs, using authentic reproduction wooden bats and lemon peel base balls. No gloves are worn and there is no other equipment used.”

The Knoxville Holstons are looking for potential players, or as they say, future ballists, to attend an information meeting today at Historic Ramsey House. I’m looking forward to watching them play next year. Here’s a news report about the Nashville Maroons and the Franklin Farriers from this past season:

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