Thunder Boomers

Celtic Thunder performed at the Tennessee Theatre on Tuesday night. While most of the audience was familiar with their songs, it was only my second experience with the group. The first happened in March when two of the band members visited East Tennessee PBS for a pledge drive. I met Neil and George and watched the telecast.

They mixed some cover songs in with their originals. “The Boys Are Back in Town” was fun and ‘The Sound of Silence” was particularly well done. I also recognized a few of the older Irish songs like “The Rocky Road to Dublin.” I’m sure my dad had the song on a Clancy Brothers album and I think he sang it too, as a member of the Glee Club of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick.

I once went to Town Hall in New York to see the Glee Club perform. There was a memorable song about a man trying to get an old woman to do his laundry, She was hard of hearing, until he whispered a marriage proposal. Then she heard him just fine. A Celtic Thunder song called “Seven Drunken Nights”┬áreminded me of the concept of songs that tell a long joke.

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