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It’s hard to disagree with Jacqueline R. Harper’s review of Fish Bait on

Slow moving, hardly a glance at the monster in the title, bad acting, and just bored in general. Seemed like it just kept going on and on and I wanted to see the fish that was what the movie was about! Something, anything, all in all it was lame.

Another reviewer, Kat of Benton, Missouri, was much kinder:

A film is what it is. This one’s an amateur outing with low/no budget everything.

Now that the warning is out of the way, for what the film IS, it is pretty good. The music was the high point of the film. Great sounds and a great selection. The effects were…non existent. I would have considered giving 4 stars for the effort in this film if they had just tried to put in a rubber suit. A monster movie MUST have at least one shot of the monster. It’s the unwritten law of horror.

This film also has something that no Hollywood production has ever captured: Middle America authenticity. It could have been shot on almost any lake in any state in mid-America. Certain elements are missing or incorrect. The shots of the “wrong” side of the lake are really middle-class type dwellings. They’re nowhere nearly as run-down as the true down and out digs of mid-America. Also, where are the bugs? Unless the lake’s been bug bombed, they should have been eaten alive, even in the early fall.

Still, for a low budget film it was entertaining and had a certain down-home flare. I recommend a watch for those with high tolerance for low-budget fairs and an interest in the mid-west lifestyle. All in all, a good, solid watch.

I didn’t know that Fish Bait was available on Amazon Instant Video until Dave Snow emailed the members of Einstein Simplified about it last night. Several of us from the improv troupe are in the movie, which we filmed in 2008. Director Jeff Joslin wrote the plot of the movie, but had us improvise most of our dialogue.

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