Oliver Springs Eternal

“Are you coming back for the festival?” Every person my wife and I encountered in Oliver Springs asked us that question. We had stopped off in the small town on our way home from Frozen Head State Park.

The October Sky Festival happens this Saturday. Parts of the movie October Sky were filmed in Oliver Springs. A former department store building played the part of the Olga Coal Company in the movie and it still has the signage over the door.

The Oliver Springs Historical Society will be moving into better quarters soon. They are currently located in an old railroad depot that they share with the public library. We met a Boy Scout who was painting the caboose behind the depot as his Eagle project. A few yards back, there was a old firetruck under a shelter. Out front, they had some square planters with a sign that indicated they were 1982 World’s Fair flower pots. My wife had fun snapping all the photos you see here.


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