Knick-Knack Paddywhack

One of my friends in the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association gave me a small gift. She started by saying that she couldn’t resist buying it and that I shouldn’t worry because she got it at half-price. It made her think of me and my interest in forensics.

It’s a Wilton Cookie Pan with five bone-shaped cavities. It’s for making human cookies, not dog biscuits. The company makes baking products for all occasions. Their website has hundreds of ideas of things to make for Halloween.

There is a recipe for sugar cookies on the back of the package. However, I want to try using the chocolate-chip cookie dough I already have in the freezer.

Maybe I can get the cookies done in time to eat them while watching the season finale of Halloween Wars on Food Network on Sunday night. Local baker Sarah Ono Jones is a member of one of the final two teams. I found her audition tape online and saw my name near the very end.

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