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My wife’s friend Julia is looking for a Halloween costume for her ten-year-old daughter who is five feet tall. On Facebook, she lamented that so many of the commercially available costumes for girls that size are too revealing.

My daughter saw the post and responded that she had a good costume when she was that height. She and her younger brother dressed as Sonny & Cher. My wife found an old photo and posted it. The comments were great.

One person who didn’t understand our family’s sense of humor wrote, “I can think of two people who are very embarrassed right about now.” That prompted the following responses from Meaghan and Frank Jr. and our friends Vickie and Dot from Burbank.

Meaghan: I would never be embarrassed of this photo! I still love dressing up in awesome costumes and am proud of this one especially.

Frank Jr.: I was at a Grad Student/Young Adult Happy Hour at the Catholic Student Center recently. They had us write on our name-tags our favorite Halloween costume, and I definitely chose this one.

Meaghan: Frank, I remember you carried around a pink, plastic fluted cocktail glass the whole time we were at Anja and Charlie’s party because it was the only cup that did not interfere with your mustache.

Meaghan: I also think you should rock purple velvet pants again…

Dorothy: I remember this.

Frank Jr.: I remember the mustache being problematic during lunch at school that day as well… I was very determined to keep it on though.

Vickie: I remember these outfits at school.

Julia: I love how much taller Meaghan is in the photo. It’s classic Sonny and Cher.

Meaghan: Julia, the year before we dressed up as Napoleon and Josephine… again, capitalizing on the height difference!

That last comment gave my wife the idea to look for another photo. It’s one of my favorites.

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