Foreign Lesion

One word I didn’t expect to hear at an Irish music concert was “leprosy.” Yet the word was mentioned several times at the Celtic Thunder show on Tuesday night. The group is helping to raise money and awareness to fight the disease.

A representative of American Leprosy Missions was at a table in the lobby of the Tennessee Theatre. She was accepting donations and giving autographed Celtic Thunder CDs to those donors who gave $348, which is enough cure and care for one victim of the disease.

A news release about the campaign summed up my feelings. I thought leprosy had been all but eradicated. Here’s a quote:

Bill Simmons, president and CEO of American Leprosy Missions, is pleased to be partnering with Celtic Thunder again. “Although leprosy is one of the oldest-known diseases, very few North Americans are aware that it still exists. Yet every two minutes someone is diagnosed with leprosy around the world. We hope that Celtic Thunder will raise awareness about this terrible disease, which often affects the poorest people, causing isolation and life-long disabilities,” said Simmons.

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