Down to the Wire

One of the first posts on Bishop Richard Stika’s new Facebook page had my face on it. He shared a link from the Catholic Charities page about my attempt to raise money for them.

The Host with the Most Competition at Side Splitters Comedy Club is Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Eight local media personalities are competing to win money for different charities. I am representing Classic Hits 93.1 WNOX and trying to win money for Columbus Home Children’s Emergency Shelter.

Click here to buy tickets and please use the promo code FM to save $5 per ticket and to give me credit for the sale. The host who sells the most tickets earns a $100 bonus for their charity. The host who gets the most votes at the end of the show, earns 90% of the ticket proceeds for their charity.

On Thursday night, I practiced my routine during open-mic night at Side Splitters. Most of the audience members were college kids there to see one of their friends. I felt good that my jokes about getting old still got laughs.

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