At the Eleventh Hour

A 7-Eleven store is closing. Not just any old 7-Eleven, but the 7-Eleven on Lee Highway at George Mason Drive in Arlington, Virginia. It’s the 7-Eleven to which my good friend Bean and I would take the “Walk of Life” to buy a Big Gulp and a snack. It’s the 7-Eleven to which I would escort celebrity guests of the Don & Mike show for a comedic shopping spree.

Mr. T crosses Lee Highway from 7-Eleven to WAVA after his "Don & Mike shopping spree"

I learned of the closure from a college friend who posted a link to a news story on my Facebook page. The franchisee says the corporation is forcing him to close only eight months after he bought store. My friend wrote, “Thought this might interest you… Read the comments.” Here is a sampling:

  • There is another 7/11 about 200 yards from this one.
  • There just aren’t enough 7-11s around here…..said nobody, ever.
  • Is that the same 7-11 that Don and Mike used to send celebrities to after they interviewed them? I saw Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons there once, and Donnie Osmond on another occasion.
  • Going from my house to 66 allowed me three 7-11 options but ONLY ONE ON THAT SIDE OF THE STREET. WORST .DAY. EVER.
  • That was the 7-11 that sold a million dollar lottery ticket a few months ago.
  • Radio station WAVA used to be in the building directly across Lee Highway from the 7-11. I remember when Don Geronimo and Mike O’Meara would walk celebrity guests across the street to the 7-11 and give them carte blanche in the store–up to $10 or so. Hilarity ensued.
  • It was Frank Murphy, armed with a three pound cell phone, who usually would escort the celebs to 7-11. They tried this bit in the 7-11 directly across the street from the studio a few times, but changed to a bigger 7-11 down the street at the request of 7-11. 7-11’s issue was lack of parking for the limos and fans in the smaller 7-11, as a getting a manager who was able to communicate better on the telephone with Don and Mike.
  • I stopped my car once on Lee Hwy. to let them cross the street in front of me with a Playboy playmate whose name escapes me….they were (at that time, anyway) headed to the 7-11 in question here.
  • P.S. D & M handled this particular “chore” themselves, rather than farming it out to Frank.
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