Sell Mates

Tickets for the Host with the Most Competition at Side Splitters Comedy Club go on sale today at 10:00 a.m. Eight local media personalities are competing to win money for different charities. I am representing Classic Hits 93.1 WNOX and trying to win money for Columbus Home Children’s Emergency Shelter.

Click here to buy tickets for the October 13th event and please use the promo code FM to save $5 per ticket. The host who sells the most tickets earns a $100 bonus for their charity. Last year, the show sold out in about two weeks. I think this year’s event will sell out faster, based on the good-natured smack talk by the contestants.

When I emailed the link to my co-workers, Krisha Newport of Q100.3 clicked “reply all” and wrote, “What an honor it is going to be to share the stage with Frank, who if you will remember WON LAST YEAR! He has been very encouraging to someone who has NOT YET WON. Like him, who won… last year… already won. Promo Code KN… Hasn’t yet won!”

When I posted my promo code on Facebook, Mitch Wheeler of 94.3 The X wrote, “Frank I hope you haven’t gotten too attached to that title.” I replied, “Are you saying I should cancel that tattoo appointment?”

Chris Durant of Knoxville Man magazine commented: “Or if you want to vote for a winner use the CD promo code.” I replied, “CDs last 72 minutes max, while FM is on 24 hours a day.”

Any money I am able to raise goes to a great cause. When the Knox County Juvenile Court must remove a child from a parent who is abusive or on drugs, the court can send the child across the parking lot to Columbus Home for up to ten days instead of immediately placing the child in state’s custody. The extra time allows for more options to be found, such as placing the child with a member of their extended family.

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