Oreo Feedwagon

“Mama Jane” Harris asked me a question on Twitter. She wrote, “I have a surprise for the Tennessee Valley Fair. Can you guess what it is?”

I already knew that she was planning to sell a maple-bacon funnel cake. We had recently swapped messages about deep-fried cookie dough, which she used to make. The surprise was neither of those.

I could have continued guessing but I didn’t have to. In another tweet, Jane revealed her plan to make red velvet deep-fried Oreos, which she described as “chocolate on chocolate with cream cheese icing.”

Deep-fried Oreos are my favorite Fair Food. I wrote blog posts about them in 2009 and 2010. On Friday, I will be a judge of the Best Fair Food contest, like I was last year. I don’t know which deep-fried treats I will sample but I hope there is an Oreo among them.

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