Makin’ Baple?

After making a bacon-maple spiral potato for my wife, “Mama Jane” Harris invited my wife and me to sit in her camp chairs behind the booth while we ate. During our visit with Jane, I spied Tanya, a friend from church, buying an order of Red Velvet Fried Oreos. Tanya saw us too and didn’t seem one bit surprised that we were hanging out in an employee area.

Jane told me that she is still working on the secret deep-fried treat we discussed two years ago at the Tennessee Valley Fair. She remembered that I shot a video of her describing the item and that I have kept my promise to hold on to it until she’s ready to sell the item. Maybe next year!

We decided to shoot a new video, in which Jane taught me how to make her original bacon-maple funnel cake. It was my first time deep-frying anything and I had a blast. I mean that figuratively.

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