Brown Turkey Creek

A friend in Nashville sent me an email with the subject line, “Gigs!” At first I thought she knew of an opportunity for me to do stand-up or improv in the Music City. It was neither.

The text of the email was short and sweet: “They always remind me of you!” The attachment was a photo of Kadota figs in a supermarket case.

I replied, “I can never find them in the supermarket around here! Thankfully my fig-growing friends have been hooking me up!”

She wrote,”Oops! Siri corrected me and I didn’t notice. I meant “Figs!” but you probably already figured that out. Those were in Publix.”

A few days later, I had an appointment across the street from the Publix store in Turkey Creek. Before driving home, I went inside the supermarket and saw a delightful display of fabulous figs. The store clerk told me that they used to have more. I had been missing out!

They had Kadota and Black Mission but I was drawn to the Brown Turkey variety. They seemed bigger and fresher and more worthy of the $6 price tag. The baby fig tree in my yard will someday produce Brown Turkey figs.

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