Boomtown Crier

A thunder storm passed through Knoxville around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday while a large crowd was gathering on Neyland Drive for Boomsday. When event organizers got word of the approaching rain, they decided to suspend the festival until the bad weather passed. The audio engineers played an evacuation announcement that I recorded three years ago. You can listen to it via the play button below.

Some of my co-workers thought the instructions to clear the area and “do not run” were ominous. I told them that the CD contained several emergency announcements, some for severe weather, some for other emergencies and one for a major disaster. On all the announcements, I was instructed to sound extremely calm and clear. I was going for a confident, fatherly tone.

The storm cleared and the fans returned to the festival to buy cotton candy, deep-fried Oreos and other treats. The day ended with the 27th annual (a/k/a 26th anniversary of the first) Boomsday fireworks, which were spectacular. WBIR has a gallery of photos.

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